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Help Maria Chamberlan

Reminders for Good Human Behavior

Written by Nate Burgos, Illustrated by Mike McQuade

Maria excelled professionally at graphic design. She excelled personally at being a remarkably warm and kind person. Her life changed in 2010, shortly after her 30th birthday. Since then, her mother, Athena, has been her caretaker.

Your purchase will help Athena care for her only daughter. Being the sole caretaker of your only child is an intense, challenging experience. Everything counts.

This 7-page publication shares concise reminders inspired by Maria. Each reminder features a beautiful illustration by Mike McQuade.

This project was permitted by Maria’s mother, Athena.

Thank you for visiting and considering.

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Nate Burgos is a designer for the Fortune 5,000,000 who strives to do thoughtful work. He runs Design Feast—his long-term project dedicated to creative culture—which writer Alissa Walker described as “a resource that’s hard to put down once you’ve dug in.”

Photograph by Matt Soria at CreativeMornings

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You may think “Why do I see Design Feast? I thought this was for Maria!” The payment method is using Design Feast’s PayPal account. The proceeds will be given to Athena, who is aware of how this works.