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Scratch your niche

Fun and fulfillment through Web-based projects

By Nate Burgos

Use this lean guide to inform and inspire your current or next Web-based effort. Take advantage of the Web as a creative medium.

Consists of
– Concise steps to realize your Web-based project
– Curated list of awesome examples
– Highlighted articles and tools
– Array of motivational quotes about creativity and technology
– Mini case studies of four sustained Web-based projects
– Attributed sources

With a delightful illustration, especially made for this publication,
drawn by Brooke Condolora of Brain&Brain.

This publication proudly displays the typeface Hazen Sans by Shawn Hazen.

Championed by

“Have an idea for a Web-based project, but aren’t sure where to start? Get inspired with Nate’s guide ‘Scratch your niche.’”

Nicholas Gracilla
Founder and Principal of Neoteric Design
Photograph courtesy of Nicholas Gracilla

“Makes me want to make something fun on the web!”

John Clifford
Founder and Creative Director of Think Studio
Author of Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design
Photograph by Herb Thornby

Written, designed, and self-published by

Author photo

Nate Burgos is a designer for the Fortune 5,000,000 who strives to do thoughtful work. He runs Design Feast—his long-term project dedicated to creative culture—which writer Alissa Walker described as “a resource that’s hard to put down once you’ve dug in.”

Photograph by Matt Soria at CreativeMornings

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