Become: On the origin of passion

A collection of actual stories celebrating the recognition of one’s lifelong calling.


BROKEN: Navigating the ups and downs
of the circus called work

A straightforward book about ways to cope, engage and survive the demands of the “modern workplace.”

Women Write

Women Write: Selected inspiring quotes by female authors featured in “The Paris Review” (1950s–1990s)

A collection of wisdom applied to an activity known for its demands—writing.

Scratch your niche

Scratch your niche: Fun and fulfillment through Web-based projects

A guide describing and celebrating passion projects on the Web.

Help Maria Chamberlan

Maria Chamberlan’s Reminders
for Good Human Behavior

This project was made as a way to celebrate my friend Maria, a graphic designer, plus help her and Athena.

Your Price

Your Price

A list of considered inputs to help you arrive at a mindful price for what you sell.

Don’t settle

Don’t settle

A collection of timeless quotes, with doodles, from celebrated makers who starred in Apple’s “Think Different” ad.