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On the Origin of Passion

Compiled and arranged by Nate Burgos, Illustrated by Summer Pierre

About the book

This collection of stories addresses the phenomenon of finding your passion. That much-mentioned drive that people want, even crave. Passion is an essential and necessary ingredient to a satisfying life. Passion is especially relevant when considering that life-consuming reality called work.

Serendipity played a role in discovering these stories of how people became who they wanted to be by doing what they truly love and making it their life’s work. They make for a motivating read, whether from cover to cover or flipping through at will.

Start is the operative word here. One of these stories, a memory in itself, could help conjure a nostalgic experience in the past, however distant, that made a lasting impression—the kind that connects with passion. Altogether, this book was made to nudge you toward experiencing that passion. It provides a scenario for becoming yourself. And this is a very auspicious start.

Another distinct perk of this book

Words and pictures are a timeless and potent pair. Each quote is accompanied by a bold illustration by Summer Pierre, who became a cartoonist. Her work features extraordinary drawings of the ordinary: people, food, places and things. She draws and writes a blog dedicated to her livelihood of “Paper Pencil Life.” Her latest adventure: a “Writing & Drawing Comics E-Course.”

Ultimate benefit of this book

A unique and encouraging volume (intended to be the first of many) for motivating you to make your own memories—dared and driven by your passion.

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Author photo

Nate Burgos is a designer for the Fortune 5,000,000 who strives to do thoughtful work. He runs Design Feast—his long-term project dedicated to creative culture—which writer Alissa Walker described as “a resource that’s hard to put down once you’ve dug in.”

Photograph by Matt Soria at CreativeMornings

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